your lucid brain

Every mind has luminous wonders, waiting to be explored. Dive deep into yours, and let VIZR™ be your guide.

Discover your inner Aurora Borealis

Each session brings forth vibrant visuals and structures, tailor-made by the most personal designer – your brain. Experience visions as unique as the Nordic Lights. Your brain is the canvas, and every neuron an artist.

Compatible with NeuroVizr® app

Enlightened by Technology

Sleek design, easy to use, and enhanced by the artistry of modern tech. More than just a portable, it’s a companion for those who dare to dream.

Patented light-device VIZR™’s intensity can be calibrated to suit the environment. Gentle on the eyes and compatible with any headphones.

NeuroVizr® app - The Change Maker

Paired with the VIZR™, the NeuroVizr® app delivers a unique blend of brain exercise wrapped in captivating entertainment. Using innovative light and sound experiences, it’s more than a leisurely distraction—it’s a gateway to enhanced cognitive function.

Setting itself apart, NeuroVizr® introduces “Brain Engagement,” a fresh approach to neuroplasticity. Unlike traditional Brain Entrainment, which syncs the brain to repetitive signals, Brain Engagement provides dynamic information, priming the brain for adaptability and prediction. It’s a cutting-edge step forward in brain technology, merging entertainment with cognitive growth.

Whatever the state of your brain today, it will be better tomorrow.

  • Get 90 days NeuroVizr™ subscription complimentary for better sleep, mind states, brain gym and more, with your Vizr™ pre-order.

your lucid brain

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This is your personal guide to a better brain

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