Our Collections present themes and sessions for different moods and needs. Each experience results in a “probability state” that molds intimately into your mind. Explore freely and target your Favorites. Our Creative Studio is in a constant creative process to offer you unique and emotionally enriching experiences. We currently offer you a choice of the following collections:

Mind States – Each session is intentionally designed with a specific theme, purpose, or intent, allowing you to experience positive short-term Mind STATES while establishing long-term Mind TRAITS through neuroplastic changes in the brain.

Better Sleep – With early, mid-day, and evening options, our sessions are designed to regulate your Circadian Cycle for optimal rest.

Brain Gym – Powerful collection of experiences targeting specific aspects of healthy brain functioning, making it easier to achieve the desired effects during Brain Gym sessions.

Brain Optimizer – Is a unique and highly dynamic collection of advanced Brain Engagement sessions. The functions served in Brain Optimizers are actually elements selectively integrated into the Mind States sessions but here exist in separate and concentrated version

The NeuroVizr app

The NeuroVizr app is full of change making content. Here are tools for stimulating positive neuroplastic brain change. If you want things to be different, you are going to have to change.

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