Often find yourself mentally stuck? This could be due to inefficient brain processing.

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You Can Overcome Mental Blocks - the old brain and the new brain

The Old Brain and the New Brain

The Old Brain provides a constant flow of information via the senses and lives in the present moment. The New Brain harvests this information for integration and pattern formation, living in the past and projecting into the future. When the New Brain disconnects from the Old Brain, it can get stuck in the past, causing the past to pose as the present and preventing future experiences from being modified by present moment experiences.
You Can Overcome Mental Blocks - causes of a stuck brain

Causes of a Stuck Brain

There are two main ways the New Brain can get stuck: unprocessed traumatic experiences and excessive pattern repetition. Both of these create stubborn, fixed neurological patterns. To modify these patterns, you must first “soften the glue” that maintains them.
You Can Overcome Mental Blocks - softening the glue

Softening the Glue

Once the glue is soft, specific techniques can help the Old Brain’s present moment information shape new, positive actions from the New Brain. Unprocessed traumatic experiences can be accessed using Adaptive Information Processing methods, which decrease anxiety-based reflexes and allow for positive reprocessing. Excessive pattern repetition can be addressed using de-habituating stimulation to initiate a “disconnect – reconnect – reinforce” process, freeing the New Brain to form new adaptive patterns.
You Can Overcome Mental Blocks - light and sound simulation

Light and Sound Stimulation

Both processes can be achieved using uniquely designed light and sound stimulation and associated protocols. These protocols can stand alone or be integrated into other compatible methodologies. NeuroVizr®️ offers a practical and effective solution to help you unstick your brain and achieve mental clarity.

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