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Discover the power of enhanced brain functioning with neuroVIZR, the innovative app designed to foster neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility. Using a combination of light and sound, neuroVIZR goes beyond traditional brain entrainment by stimulating your brain with dynamic and layered signals. Accessible via your smartphone, the neuroVIZR app offers sessions that adapt to your needs, ensuring optimal mental well-being. The neuroVIZR device is controlled through the app via Bluetooth, allowing you to unlock its full potential. Whether you’re aiming for better sleep, improved focus, reduced stress, or enhanced creativity, neuroVIZR is on your side, helping you achieve a healthier, more vibrant mind every day.

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The Brain Gym collection offers Light/Sound Brain Exercises to enhance Coordination, Endurance, Flexibility, and Strength. It includes Brain Builder, ideal for boosting neuroplastic capacity, vitality, or cognitive function; Brain Stabilizer, using frequencies (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta) to support focus, cognitive processing, relaxation, organization, and creativity; and Brain Organizer, enhancing brain architecture by focusing on major networks like Emotional Flow, Feeling Me, Field Attention, Focused Attention, and Shifting Task. Engaging in the Brain Gym enhances the impact of Mind States sessions, helping users find their personalized plan and rhythm.

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Transform your life effortlessly in just 11 minutes with neuroVIZR. Our app offers curated themes and sessions tailored to different moods and needs, providing effective brain enhancement tools. Whether you want to relax, focus, or uplift your mood, our collections make it easy to create meaningful changes.

Download our personal guide, packed with in-depth knowledge about the neuroVIZR app, the science behind it, and expert-recommended sessions. Start your journey to a better you today and transform your life, one session at a time.

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The Drug-Free Microdosing course uses Light and Sound to trigger positive neuroplastic changes, similar to psychedelic effects. A 42-day course offers nine themes and four protocols for daily guidance. This method avoids legal and quality concerns, providing dynamic light/sound experiences for Dose, Transition, and Normal Days. Scientific support comes from neuroplastic capacity and brain priming techniques, mirroring conventional microdosing protocols like the Fadiman Protocol, Stamets Stacking Protocol, Microdose Institute Protocol, and Two Day Fixed Protocol. Regular use for 4 to 8 weeks, followed by 2 to 4 weeks of rest, is recommended, with the option to combine sessions from other NeuroVizr®️ collections.
Discover Drug-Free Microdosing with NeuroVizr®️
“It’s the little things that count,” says Garnet Dupuis. Start your journey to positive neuroplastic changes today. Download the Drug-Free Microdosing Personal Guide now and explore the benefits of this unique approach to brain health. This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to get started with NeuroVizr®️ Drug-Free Microdosing, including detailed explanations of our innovative Light and Sound techniques, the nine available themes, and the four protocols you can follow. Experience the potential of Drug-Free Microdosing and enhance your brain health with NeuroVizr®️.
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The neuroVIZR is designed for adult use and is not a medical device. It does not claim to cure, treat, or prevent any diseases. Always consult a healthcare practitioner if you have concerns, especially if you have epilepsy, seizure disorders, acute psychosis, vertigo, eye disorders, or photosensitivity. Avoid using this device under the influence of alcohol or strong drugs, as these may alter the experience.

Healthcare Practitioner, Therapist,  or any other health care professional : Download our waiver agreement HERE. 


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