Garnet Dupuis – NeuroVIZR back again

Micro dosing protocols – Breitfeld The Podcast Garnet gives us a sneek peek on some quite promissing micro dosing protocols that work alone or in combination with actual substances…

Access altered states within using light & sound

Access altered states within using light & sound – Luke Storey His NeuroVizr headset is designed to generate a neuroplastic sensory enrichment experience known as brain engagement. I have one, and I can’t get enough of it…

Unlocking the full power of your Brain

Unlocking the full power of your Brain – The arin Olien Show At some point in our lives, we are stuck between whether to do things we should or whether we often make excuses not to do them. Change is a decision to make…

Spectrum Of Health Podcast

Rewire your brain for positive change – Spectrum Of Health Podcast – Dr Christine Schaffner Rewire Your Brain for Positive Change with Garnet Dupuis and Dr. Christine Schaffner

Exploring Optimal Health

Exploring Optimal Health – Gregory van den Bold Accessing the Interplay Between the Brain and Consciousness using Groundbreaking Technology featuring NeuroVizr Inventor Garnet DuPuis

Unlocking Creativity and Consciousness with Grand Dupuis

Unlocking Creativity and Consciousness – Dallas Mclain – Biohackers Magazine In this conversation, Dallas Mclain from Biohackers Magazine expands on Garnet’s Neuro Visor, a groundbreaking technology for creativity and brain development using light and music.

Altered Brain States with Garnet Dupuis

Altered Brain States – Teemu Arina Teemu Arina sits down for a fantastic conversation with Garnet Dupuis. Get ready for a deep dive on how western culture approached, embraced and sometimes misunderstood Eastern mysticism.

BioHackers Magazine

Brain Engagement – Biohackers Magazine Brain ENGAGEMENT: Exercises to Promote brain adaptivity. Waking Dreams: psychedelic-like technology  to drive  creativity. Neuroplastic change: The perfect formula for  optimal brain growth