Saskia Alusalu’s testimonial

A parallel to the world of dreams, because I really like what is happening. There you are also ‘gone Saskia AlusaluEstonian speed skater, holder of several national records, and Estonias’s flag bearer at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Luke Storey’s testimonial

I have one NeuroVizr®️, and I can’t get enough of it. Luke StoreySpeaker, Author and host of The Life Stylist Podcast

Chris Vulpi’s testimonial

The first reaction from a lot of people was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so amazing, what a trip!’ I expect them to enjoy it. I had two devices, so I lend them to friends to use before bed or when they’re in a bad state to see how it helps. People really do feel […]

William Taylor’s testimonial

That is the most powerful, drug-free psychoactive experience I have ever had. William TaylorEulas Psychedelic Therapy Clinic, UK

Ben Greenfield’s testimonial

Light and sound are two of the most direct ways we can influence the brain. NeuroVizr® takes things to a new level. Ben GreenfieldNew York Times bestselling biohacker

Gerd Kanter’s testimonial

NeuroVizr® helps to calm the state of mind before performances, improves focus at important moments, and enables higher quality of sleep! Gerd Kanter2007 World Champion and 2008 Gold medalist at Summer Olympics in discus throw