Grow your mind. Better focus, less stress.

A study reported increased mental focus after a light & sound session with Vizr™️


Achieve more with a calm and focused mind. Explore how Vizr™️ can transform your daily life by harmonizing your mental state.


The Brain Organizer section of the Brain Gym is crafted with leading-edge neurological research that explores the frequency characteristics of the main neural networks of our brain. Each network performs certain specific general functions. Each network also has a certain specific Harmonic Frequencies. The aim of the Brain Organizer sessions is to reinforce healthy functioning in the target brain network.


Each session is built upon neurological light & sound signaling that has the ability to generate “probability states”. These experiences will cause a short term and temporary mind state such as peace, creativity, concentration, etc.

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The Better Sleep sessions work to harmonize your Circadian Cycle and normalize sleep patterns. The Morning sessions lock in the first light Circadian response to first light to start your day off right. Afternoon sessions help dissipate the buildup of stress that can hijack your sleep rhythms. And Evening sessions will act to coax and induce sleep.


In Drug-Free Microdosing, we craft unique experiences through light and sound that work in a similar manner to low-level psychedelic compounds. These experiences act as guides, gently stimulating your brain's potential for growth and change.

Microdosing Guide

Study: increased mental focus and relaxation after a single session

Here are tools for stimulating positive neuroplastic brain change. If you want things to be different, you are going to have to change. Vizr™️ sessions include “Brain Gym” which can be considered brain exercise disguised as entertainment.

Train your mind with intention

Vizr™️ light and sound sessions are your gateways to enhanced mental sharpness. Carefully designed to provide immediate focus boosts and a clearer mind.

Long-term usage cultivates sustained concentration, growing your mental clarity and cognitive function session by session.


Light & Sound

Brain Engagement works by leveraging the brain’s natural ability to synchronize with external rhythms and respond to sensory stimuli.

When exposed to flickering light and rhythmic sounds, the brain tends to align its own neural activity with these patterns.


VIZR™️ sessions encourage the brain to focus and promote neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to adapt and learn.

It’s like a brain massage fostering creativity, crearity, and mindfulness.


Based on a phenomena discovered in the late 1930s and coined as “Frequency Following Response”.

Evolved over 80 years into Brain Engagement technology, choreographed to influence the brain toward positive change. 

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Enhance your focus with technology

Sleek design, easy to use, and enhanced by the artistry of modern tech. More than just a portable, it’s a companion for those who dare to dream.

Patented light-device VIZR™’s intensity can be calibrated to suit the environment. Gentle on the eyes and compatible with any headphones.


Expected Shipment: Worldwide 7 working days

What’s included:

  • The VIZR™️ 
  • Portable Carry Bag
  • Complimentary 1-Month Premium App Subscription*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Headphones not included. VIZR™️ works with any headphones.

    *The app has 22 free light journeys that can always be played. The Premium subscription includes an extra 61 journeys to choose from. $10.99/month, can be cancelled at anytime.

    **Final price will be calculated during checkout process.

Saskia Alusalu’s testimonial

A parallel to the world of dreams, because I really like what is happening. There you are also ‘gone Saskia AlusaluEstonian speed skater, holder of several national records, and Estonias’s flag bearer at the 2018 Winter Olympics

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Chris Vulpi’s testimonial

The first reaction from a lot of people was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so amazing, what a trip!’ I expect them to enjoy it. I had two devices, so I lend them to friends to use before bed or when they’re in a bad state to see how it

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