The Three Amigos

Neuroplasticity – the fact that our brain is always capable of new adaptive learning is opening the doors of Total Brain Wellness and, for those involved in medical practices, rewriting the textbooks.

Neuroplasticity is bridging together numerous ancient spiritual techniques, traditional folk practices and new break out methods in neuroscience.

By category, there are three basic approaches to engaging Neuroplastic change and adaptation in your brain.

In fact, these three (amigos) are actually one unified influence on our brain but for the sake of creating methodologies, we can conceptually separate them as three:

  • Movement (motor) stimulation;
  • Mental (cognitive) stimulation;
  • Sensory stimulation.

Each one of these has a bold potential in guiding your brain into new adaptive learning.

The NeuroVIZR is a perfect example of Sensory style neuroplastic stimulation. It progressively and effectively “shapes” brain functions via Light/Sound compositions.

In and of itself it is a powerful and attractive tool.

Yet, with a Design by Nature approach, if you want to get the MOST out of the NeuroVIZR Experience, think of the Three Amigos.

After a NeuroVIZR Experience, introduce one or both of Movement or Mental stimulation.

Choose compatible “exercises” or “tasks” or “games” that generate the same/similar “message” to the mind.

Your results will multiply for sure.

So, think of the Three Amigos and extend and reinforce the benefits of a Sensory NeuroVIZR Neuroplasticity experience by combining some Movement/Mental processes between NeuroVIZR Experiences.

When you signal the brain, you message the mind.