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The neuroVIZR experience

Get better sleep

Align your sleep with your Circadian Cycle through our Better Sleep sessions. Start your day energized with morning sessions, alleviate midday stress with afternoon sessions, and ease into a restful night with our sleep-inducing evening sessions. Experience a deeper, more rejuvenated sleep every night.
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Remove stress & anxiety

Find immediate relief from stress and anxiety with neuroVIZR. Our sessions trigger a “State Shift,” effectively alleviating discomfort and rapidly reducing stress. Transform distressing moments into states of calm and control.

Neurovizr - enhance performance

Enhance performance

Boost your focus and performance using neuroVIZR. Our tailored sessions enhance mental clarity and increase productivity, leading to noticeable improvements in your daily tasks. Stay sharp and efficient throughout the day.

Neurovizr - boost creativity

Activate a dormant mind

Awaken and energize your brain with neuroVIZR’s light and sound sessions. Regular stimulation enhances brain functionality and responsiveness, with themed sessions available to target and improve specific cognitive skills. Elevate your brain’s potential every day.

The NeuroVizr is

Psycho Active Technology

The neuroVIZR is a psycho-active technology that utilizes light and sound stimulation to influence mental processes such as perception, consciousness, cognition, and mood. This method mirrors the effects of traditional psycho-active substances like psychedelics but employs non-chemical techniques. By stimulating the brain, neuroVIZR promotes neuroplasticity, enabling the brain to adapt and grow, leading to enhanced mental health and well-being. The neuroVIZR’s innovative application of light and sound showcases its potential to improve cognitive functions and support personal development, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional methods.

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Drug-free Alternative

The neuroVIZR serves as an electronic equivalent to psychedelics or sleeping pills, providing a drug-free option. By enhancing brain function through sensory-based priming and engagement, neuroVIZR uses light and sound stimulation to create "psycho-active" effects that positively impact mental processes like perception, consciousness, cognition, and mood. This approach supports "Drug-Free Microdosing Programs," mimicking the beneficial states produced by microdoses of psychedelics without the associated risks. Utilizing sensory enrichment and neuroplastic engagement, neuroVIZR fosters positive brain changes and adaptive behaviors, improving sleep quality and mood regulation safely.

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Effortless Experience

With neuroVIZR, achieving effortless state shifts is remarkably simple. All you need to do is relax and close your eyes; neuroVIZR does the rest. Sit comfortably in a quiet place and enjoy the experience. For 11 minutes, embark on a colorful journey where your brain creates patterns and colors, even though the LEDs are all white. This portable and user-friendly device, paired with the neuroVIZR app, allows you to benefit from its effects anywhere, anytime. Simply relax, close your eyes, and let neuroVIZR guide you to heightened states of mental clarity and well-being, providing an effortless journey to a more engaged and enriched mind.

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The HOW and the WHY

The power of Light

Explore the transformative capabilities of neuroVIZR's innovative 9 LED panel, optimized to enhance brain function through Macro, Micro, and Meso signaling. Macro Signaling activates extensive neural networks by stimulating both the central and autonomic nervous systems, enhancing cognitive stability. Micro Signaling employs rapid light flickers to fine-tune brain frequencies, sharpening focus and refining cognitive operations. Meso Signaling synchronizes with your body’s rhythms, aligning physiological functions with brain activity to improve mental clarity.

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Harmonized with Sound

Sound in neuroVIZR plays a foundational role, similar to the drummer and bass player in a rock band, providing the essential rhythm that underpins the entire experience. Just as these instruments hold a song together, neuroVIZR’s soundscapes, ranging from calming theta waves to stimulating beta waves, are meticulously engineered to synchronize with the light patterns. This alignment enhances both immediate cognitive states and long-term mental traits, creating a cohesive sensory experience that drives profound cognitive and emotional shifts.

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To enhance our Human Experience

At neuroVIZR, our mission is to help people feel better and thrive in their lives. We're dedicated to providing innovative tools that enhance mental and emotional health, enabling individuals to live more fulfilled and balanced lives. By harnessing advanced light and sound technology, neuroVIZR supports personal growth and well-being, empowering you to overcome challenges and achieve your full potential. We are here to assist you on your journey toward greater happiness and health, ensuring that each step forward is a step toward a better life.

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