Stack your Neuroplasticity Method

Whether you are using the First Language NeuroVIZR device or some other brain neuroplastic stimulation technique.

Try this powerful yet easy to do exercise:

1) If you are younger, face to the east and if you are older, face to the north. 

The east direction radiates a stronger violet pranic energy effective for the upper chakra energy processes.

The north direction radiates a stronger red pranic energy which is supplemental to the weaker life force of older persons. 

It is recommended to make some basic prayer of intention before the exercises and after finishing a short prayer of gratitude.  

2) Place the tip of your tongue gently to your palate.

This creates a bridge to close the open oral gap between the frontal Conception Meridian and the dorsal Governing Meridian. 

3) First reach across with your Left hand to to your Right ear.

Because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, this cross connection creates the correct harmonizing circuit.

This stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain and the Pineal gland. 

4) With your thumb and index finger of your Left hand, gently squeeze the Right earlobe.

In the Microsystems of the body, the ear has a complete grid of the entire body. The earlobe is a direct reflection of the head/Brain area.

5) Your thumb must contact the front of the earlobe and your index finger the back of the earlobe.

This is important for the correct polarity of the energetic current. 

6) Now cross your Right arm to contact the Left ear.

The Right arm must be in front for the correct polarity circuit. This stimulates the Left hemisphere of your brain and the pituitary gland. 

7) With your Right hand, gently squeeze the Left earlobe as described above with your thumb in the front of the earlobe and index finger behind the earlobe.

8) Spread your feet about shoulder width apart for stability.

9) Do a squat to a comfortable deep depth and as you squat inhale your breath.

This is important because the simultaneous squatting action and the inhalation acts to pump up the energy from lower in your body to higher in your body. 

10) As you stand up, exhale.

This completes the pumping action.

11) Do the squats 14 times for basic Reinforcement.

Do 21 times if you want to build higher levels of cranial energy. Be aware that more is not better. Doing too much can create cranial tension and congestion with headaches or insomnia. 

12) You may repeat the 14/21 squats two or three times a day according to your age and vitality.

Always try to achieve the most while doing the least. Mother Nature has her ways. 

13) If for physical reasons you cannot do full deep squats then do “half squats”.

If so, increase the number of half-squats to double or even triple the 14/21 repetitions. 

14) In general, menstruating women are recommended to stop doing the exercises 2 days before, during and 2 days after completion of their cycle.