What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt, both in behavior and in its actual structure. It was once thought that the adult brain could not change, but recent research has shown that this is not the case. Studies have shown that efficient neuroplastic methods can positively affect all 17 aspects of […]

Brain Prime – Neurofeedback findings using NeuroVizr

The idea behind Brain Prime/Brain Time is simple – by doing one activity beforehand, the outcome of the following activity is enhanced. This has been proven to be true in practice, for instance, a neurofeedback practitioner found that by using NeuroVizr™ as a brain priming method before a neurofeedback session, the subject was able to […]

The NeuroVizr & Change

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The Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is a parallel to the dynamics of the brain, where a person gets a call to adventure and must overcome resistance to change to reach a deeper understanding of themselves. This process is characterized by a mentor, tests, allies and friends, and a secret cave where one discovers a treasure and emerges […]

Explanation of Entropic Brain é Primary Consciousness / Secondary Consciousness

The Entropic Brain concept is a model of brain function developed by a team of researchers led by Robin Carhart-Harris at Imperial College in the UK. It suggests that there are two types of consciousness: primary and secondary. The early brain, which generates primary consciousness, is spontaneous and unbiased, and primarily comes from the senses. […]

Bottom-up sensory experience with NeuroVizr

Neuroplasticity allows for change at all levels, including habits. To change, we must encounter and challenge these set patterns and assumptions. Sensory experience, particularly bottom-up experience, is a key source of new information for positive change as it allows for connections that normally don’t happen. Trusting and embracing this experience, rather than trying to give […]

Brain Prime – Brain Time

When working with brain engagement and neuroplasticity, we use two interrelated terms: Brain Prime and Brain Time. Brain Prime is like a preparation stage, where you set the brain up for change. Brain Time is the period following the preparation stage, where the brain is in a state of hyper-plasticity, making it more receptive to […]

Brain Engagement

Brain engagement is a novel approach to neuroplasticity that differs from brain entrainment. Brain entrainment relies on the Frequency Following Response, which is the brain’s ability to follow the frequency of a repeating signal, such as a light or tone. Brain engagement, however, aims to signal the brain in a way that allows it to […]

Bottom up & Top down

The entropic brain model refers to the relationship between bottom-up and top-down processes in the brain. Bottom-up refers to new information that is processed without prior learning, while top-down refers to prior learning that organizes new information. The NeuroVizr™ process often utilizes bottom-up experience, but it is important to understand that both bottom-up and top-down […]

Sensory Enrichment

Unlock the full potential of your brain with sensory enrichment – the art of stimulating the mind through unique and uncommon experiences. Experience positive changes in the brain and behavior, and enjoy the process with sensory enrichment. More Read Less